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Simone and I welcome you to

If you've been here before go straight to what's new and updated as of 18 April 2000

New Photos of Simone!!

Updated Family Album

Updated Parenting Links

Here I hope to give some of my cyber friends a further glimpse into my life as well as sharing with them the joy that is my daughter, Simone.

Here you'll find lots of photos (of course), some of the journal I've written to my daughter, links to breastfeeding and attachment parenting resources, an account of my brush with domestic violence, some of my poetry, an account of my homebirth and lots of other stuff that I (and hopefully you) find interesting.

These pages is still under construction so please be patient. I hope you're not expecting a fantastically 'cutting edge' page here. What I know about building a home page is scary, but I'll try anything once:)

Also please remember that the pages with lots of photos take ages to download, so please be patient.

Update: With a lot of advice and assistance from my dear friend Thud, who has to be the nicest man I've never met, these pages now look half decent and load much faster.

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